Stephen's Day 2008

   The day of the wren boys


The Cocktail Girls with their innocent brother

Marian cooking

Alice , Robert , Oscar begging

Elaine Mother Viking

The King of far far away, Frank

More cocktails

Alice , Frank

Alice Frank

Frank the Viking

Alice, Robert

Marian, Elaine, Jennifer

Oscar checking on food situation.

Paul hoovering more food, Marian, Elaine, Frank



Alice with cocktail umbrella

Alice, Frank

Oscar and his Mommy

Alice, Jennifer, Elaine

Alice having located the chocolate Log,

Martha , Jacqueline

Louise, Martha

Jacqueline, Louise, Martha

Paul the Viking

Ed , Caroline

Jennifer, Dave

Caroline, Frank , Robert

Jennifer, Alice, Dave

Jennifer, Alice, Dave

Caroline , Oscar, Frank

Frank pretending to be a dog

Caroline, Oscar

Jennifer, Alice, Dave, Robert, Frank

Robert , Alice, Frank

Frank pretending to growl like Oscar, who appears stunned.

Elaine, Paul

Caroline, Oscar, Alice

Caroline, Oscar, Alice

Patches lolling on the mat by fire.