Dad's Surprise Birthday Party in the Arbutus Lodge

Jenn carefully holding her new baby sister Caroline 

Mom when she was 18

Granny  n granddad in Tralee 

Us as  kids  in front of their grandparents  house in Tralee

The day we  left Tralee and moved to Cork . taken in front of the archway of the house in Tralee. Note the giant door in background. I found tins of paint one day and did some fabulous artwork on it at age 4.

Me and Mom , in the tree lined avenue to her parent's  home.

Us sisters in Fenit.,  Im on the left . 

Marian and Billy's Wedding 

Jennifer aged two stuffing her face wth choc bday cake. I made a painting  of this , which is hanging in her parent's  house.

Jenn in her austrian  outfit , giving the evil eye, which  I bought her from Austrian Tyrol

Caroline attemping to blow out her two candles  and failing badly 

Jim in his pram down the Lower road,  We used the mudguards on his pram as skates , vroom vroom, one leg on the mudguard , one leg on the ground , getting speed up, lift both legs off the grounds,  and whoooooo,  poor child fell out a lot. He recovered Kinda

My Parent's  wedding day, her dress was silver 

Some of the names in the photo

To immediate right of wedding couple is Dan Spring n his wife,  father of Dick Spring,  Tanaiste 

All the family at xmas , including our cat, as a kitten Puss, the best cat ever.  

 Grand Parents Wedding.

Jennifer's sighting a Chocolate Cake on her first birthday, still wearing the Austrian outfit

Caroline doing a cheer,  Jennifer stretching, on New Years day.  Proud Dad

Caroline and Billy,  in France , lordie Car, how simpering is that