In Tralee with dad

with Jacqueline ,  shes the bald one, Im the scared one on the left. What were our parents thinking,  we look like ww2 refugees  

On a gondola in venice

Venice  1995  

At European Parliament xmas week,  

In Cuba,  sailing on the Caribean, blame the Cubans for the hat 

Cycled to the top of Clare Island off the west coast of Ireland, the fortress of Grace OMalley the Warrior Queen.

At the top of Conor Pass In Kerry, I'm on the left. 

With Patricia, at Law Society conference and dinner in  Florence 

The reason I bought my House, it was attached to this

Sitting in my fav wickerwork  chair, in the back garden in Tralee.   My dad made for me. 

brothers Jim n Robert testing out my honda  bike

At free Derry corner ,   now a preserved historical site  before the house was knocked  down but the wall is still there. The  site of  the first civil rights marches in ireland.   I'm the one on the left 

in Derry, persuaded english soldiers to gimme their loaded gun,, my buddy only had black n white  film .  so   ya cant see my scarlet  punk hair colour.  

Innsbruck, being a mermaid 

yachting on Red Robin with Peter  in Baltimore  regatta competition  in 1988 off south coast 

Having cycled to the top of Clare Island, off west coast of ireland, almost all bog, note the boots.   

Just to the right of where I am standing, is a Dolmen,   an megalithic tomb. It comprises three upright stones with a covering stone

The Island is only accessible by ferry boat . One pub  n thats it. 

We couldnt take cars to the island , only bikes,  stayed with the O'Malley family,  descendants of Grace O'Maley the Queen.   Dinner was whatever was  caught that day.  the best crab claws in garlic butter I ever ate.

In the Alhambra 1998, with Patricia, my friend.  the most lusciously gorgeous place I've ever visited.  The pic of the tiles behind us doesn't really convey how wonderful it is.


Me at Knossos, 2003

Me and Dick Spring, Tanaiste, at photo exhibition for International Womens' Day